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effortless selling
Effortless Selling
Quickly add items and images, sending payment prompts to customers on any digital channel or accept cash payments.
instant settlement
Instant Settlement
Receive all payments instantly into your mobile money or bank account, regardless of the payment channel.
share custom receipts
Share Custom Receipts
Customize and share receipts with customers on their preferred platform.
earn commision
Earn Commissions
Instantly earn commissions by selling essential services like airtime, data, and bill payments.
employee management
Employee Management
Easily add or remove employees to handle transactions for your business.
sales report
Sales Report
Track your business performance by checking sales reports. Filter by employee and period to gain insights.
sell online
Sell Online with Hubtel
Expand your reach by requesting to sell your items online through Hubtel to a broader customer base.
request assistance
Request Assistance
Receive support seamlessly by requesting a callback from the Hubtel support team within the app.
business switching
Business Switching
Effortlessly switch between businesses associated with your mobile number without the need to log out.
take payments
Take Payments
Generate unique payment links for convenient customer and donor transactions.
order management
Order Management
Stay on top of your orders with instant ring notifications. Manage order acceptance, preparation time, and status updates. Access detailed performance reports and efficiently handle your inventory.

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